Sun Microsystems-NIIT Partnership

Sun Microsystems has tied up with NIIT (India’s leading IT education and training company) for providing Java and Solaris courses that would help students prepare for Sun Certifications. NIIT is currently conducting Java seminars all over India to promote this partnership. I was invited to deliver a talk on “Technology Innovation in Java: 2006 and Beyond” to the students, members of academia, industry and press in two cities.

  • 19th Aug 2006 – Seminar @ Chandigarh,
  • No. of attendees – 300+

    (Audience at Chandigarh… )
    Chandigarh Audience

  • 22th Aug 2006 – Seminar @ Delhi,
  • No. of attendees – 700+

    (Audience at Delhi… )
    Delhi Audience

I took the oppurtunity to showcase Netbeans and Project Looking Glass.

The audience simply loved Netbeans. Less than 20% of the students had tried Netbeans prior to the presentation and were amazed to see the ease with which one can develop applications for Desktop (Swing), Web and Mobile phones.

I developed a midlet client for an existing web application and also showed them how to develop a simple game for mobile phones.

The show-stealer of the day was definitely Project Looking Glass. It got a huge applause from the audience.. for a second I felt like a magician conjuring some tricks on the stage 🙂

All in all it was an exciting experience.

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5 comments so far

  1. Ramneek on

    Hi Abhishek I just joined the NIIT java course at SOUTH Ex. , New Delhi. I would like to know that, if the course would any way help me giving job at sun microsystems after course completion….. I have just completed my B.Tech in comp. engg. regards Ramneek singal

  2. Abhishek Mahanty on

    Well.. just keep a tab on the openings:


  3. ekta on

    i want to develop my skills in java .
    I am an MCA.
    what should be my steps to go about it.

  4. Prakhar K Goel on

    Hi abhishek,
    I heard you on 17th Nov 08 in AKG college, Ghaziabad, India. It was an insightful seminar, and I must admit your pace of actions and demos on stage left me spellbounded. No sooner did the seminar end, than I grabbed my Net Bean… and I’ll soon start posting on java forums. I would be glad if u would inform me of the venue, time and date of the next seminar, where u would be giving instant demos on Web development in your contemporary style, preferably in the vicinity of Delhi.
    And see i managed to rummage ur historical blog out…

  5. arti mishra on

    hi abhishek,
    its arti.i read ur blogs,n through these i got dat u r genius of java.i wanna make my career in web development.n i m working with netbeans as i m student of niit. so kindly tell me any perticular website to increase my knowledge about netbeans. n plzzzz inform me, wenever u come to varanasi for any of ur seminar,because we,students of varanasi, need it.
    arti mishra

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