Swing problem on Xgl and openSUSE/Linux

I installed NetBeans 5.5 on openSUSE 10.2 and found out that Swing applications are not rendered properly. The installer dialog itself appeared like an icon and I had to resize it. The IDE itself was either appearing as an icon or it would scale past the screen size. The “New Project” dialog (or any window/dialog for that matter) also displayed the same behaviour and were not appearing in the centre of the IDE. I created a simple swing GUI application and realized that the JOptionPane message dialog was also not appearing in the center. I checked if I was using a very old JDK and found that my default JDK was – Java 6 build 105.

Many hours later (sigh) I found out that Swing applications have rendering issues with Xgl.

Bug ID – 6429775: Xgl/Compiz/Java 1.5/Swing problem

Everything worked fine once I disabled XGL. But having got used to the cool way of working using Xgl I just couldn’t keep it disabled for long.
Fortunately, this bug seems to have been fixed in Java 6 update 1. So I downloaded it and everything worked like a charm.


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