gnomesu dialog problem

For the last few days, I have been unable to invoke yast by clicking on the launcher icon . I soon realised that it held true for every applet that required root access for execution. Earlier, when I used to click on these launchers, the username/password window/dialog box would appear and if the user entered the correct password, the applet window ( yast2 in this case) would appear.

I’ve been too occupied with work offlate to look into this aberration. I stopped using the launchers and would directly invoke the applet from the terminal:

root@lnx:~ # yast2 &

Today I decided to look into the matter and found out that the cause of the problem was the username/password window/dialog box applet. I did some search online to find out its package name. The dialog applet is gnomesu and is part of the libgnomesu package. I tried invoking gnomesu from the terminal but got the following output:

root@lnx:~ # gnomesu

** (gnomesu:6922): CRITICAL **: No services for libgnomesu are available.

I decided to re-install/update libgnomesu to see if the problem still persists. I invoked yast2 from the command line and updated libgnomesu. Once installed, gnomesu worked fine. Now I’m able to invoke application requiring root access by clicking on the launcher icons.


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  1. SafeTinspector on

    I had the same problem, and it was actually caused by me making changes to the rights within the /usr folder tree.
    I had accidentally chmod 777 the /usr tree and gnomesu didn’t like it.
    Attempting to reinstall the package as you did didn’t fix it, but did generate the errors that alerted me to my mistake.
    I chmod 755 the /usr folders and then reinstalled gnomesu and the problem was fixed.
    Thanks for the post, as it pointed me in the right direction.

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