Sun Technology Summit 2007 @ Bangalore

I was in Bangalore last friday for Sun Technology Summit that was attended by 800+ developers.
The main attraction of the event was definitely Scott McNealy – Sun Co-Founder & Chairman.
The event started at the scheduled time with Scott’s keynote session.
He touched upon a lot of things viz. Software, Hardware, Services, Open Source, Education etc.
The audience really enjoyed his session and later mobbed him for autograph :).

His keynote was followed by my session on Java SE: Today and Tomorrow where I took the attendees through the Java timeline and the future roadmap.
Some of the things I covered are:

  • Java – Overview, Timeline
  • New Language Features of Java SE 5, 6 and 7.
  • Demos – Java Desktop Integration, Java SE Web Services, Scripting in Java and JConsole.

There were quite a few questions from the audience regarding the new features and they seem to have enjoyed the demos.
I had interactions with lot of people throughout the day – Students, Architects, Academia etc.


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  1. Joseph Pallepamu on

    Hi Abhishek, I have composed few more things in my blog.
    Your presentation is really good!

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