Using VirtualBox – Ubuntu 7.04 on openSUSE 10.3

My first shot at OS virtualization was almost a year back when I dabbled with
VMWare to run Solaris on my Windows XP. When I read about Sun’s acquisition of innotek – makers of
VirtualBox, I decided to check it out.
So I downloaded the latest RPM of VirtualBox for
openSUSE 10.3 and installed it on my system. The installation was very simple and
within minutes I was able to install Ubuntu 7.04 as a guest OS on my openSUSE.

Following is how I went about it:

1. Execute VirtualBox application.

2. Create new virtual machine for installing Ubuntu 7.04

3. Configure virtual memory and hard disk

The Virtual machine gets created successfully.
However, in order to start it, the user needs to be part of the group – vboxusers

4. Add user to the group – vboxusers

5. Modify settings – CD/DVD ROM, Shared Folders etc.

6. Configure host key in preferences – F12 in this example.
This is the key which will be used to toggle mouse/keyboard inputs between guest and host OS

7. Insert the guest OS installation DVD in the drive and start the virtual machine.
The machine boots from the CD/DVD Drive and begins installation of Ubuntu 7.04

8. Accessing the web from the guest OS.
Note: To run the guest OS in fullscreen mode press [hostkey] + F i.e. F12+F in this case.

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