Tech Days 2010 @ Hyderabad and Chennai

Last week I was in Hyderabad (March 24-25) and Chennai (March 26) for Sun Tech Days 2010 – probably the last ones in India. My association with Sun Tech Days goes as back as 2001 when I attended it for the first time in Delhi. After I joined Sun, I’ve been speaking regularly at Tech Days each year on different technologies.

I arrived a day early at the regular venue – Hyderabad International Convention Centre and was quite surprised to see a somewhat deserted look.. no colorful Sun and Java posters this year! I ran into some colleagues and had a good time catching up with them.

Next morning the event started with a welcome address by Oracle’s Country Head followed by a really nice keynote by James Gosling which was loved by one and all. After the morning session, all attendees disbursed to attend the technical sessions that were grouped in parallel tracks.

I had the following sessions this year:

I saw some impressive headcount for all the sessions. The sessions were well received and there were some really nice questions from the attendees. The thing I like most about Tech Days is the interactions people have after the sessions.. the conversations.. it provides an excellent opportunity to learn about some exciting projects people are doing.

Besides my sessions I was also assisting Angela with her JavaFX Hands-On-Labs. The Labs were all packed.. there was lot of enthusiasm about JavaFX this year. The attendees simply loved it.

From Hyderabad, I left for Chennai to participate in the 1-Day Tech Days Plus event. I had a really nice time interacting with the developers and met some of my old colleagues and friends.

I returned home with mixed feelings… after all I had just wrapped up the last Tech Days in India.


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  1. Neil on

    Great new interface Abhishek !
    Your sessions were interesting

    Here is Arun’s related post

    Senior Apps Engineer
    Oracle India

    • amahanty on

      Thanks.. I’m glad you liked them.

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