Ubuntu root password

Ubuntu has definitely been developed keeping user experience in mind and one of the ways it tries to do so is by cleverly keeping “root” out of the picture. You work with only one user account – one that was created during the installation process. Unlike other Linux distros where during installation you specify a root password, in Ubuntu you are prompted to create a regular user (as opposed to root) and you specify a password for that user. The root user does exist but one cannot explicitly log in as root.

abhi@abhidllx(~)$ su -
su: Authentication failure

All features that require a super user/root access are invoked by the regular user (abhi in this case) using “sudo”. Now this is totally fine for someone who is new to Linux and more used to the MS Windows world. I for one like to login using root instead of repeatedly specifying “sudo”. So I reclaimed my root password by following the instructions mentioned at – http://www.debuntu.org/2006/04/24/34-ubuntu-default-root-password-or-the-sudo-way

abhi@abhidllx(~)$ sudo bash
[sudo] password for abhi: 
root@abhidllx(~)$ sudo passwd
Enter new UNIX password: 
Retype new UNIX password: 
passwd: password updated successfully

Now exit and login as root

root@abhidllx(~)$ exit
abhi@abhidllx(~)$ su -

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