Enable Nautilus Toolbar, Statusbar and Sidebar with Tree view

I installed CentOS 5.6 and was a bit uncomfortable with the way the file browser Nautilus was behaving – I couldn’t find the Toolbar, Statusbar or the Sidebar/Sidepane with the folder tree that I have gotten used to over the years. Moreover every time I would double-click on a folder it would open it in a new window – my screen was simply getting cluttered. I tried to enable the Sidepane by pressing ‘F9″ but no luck. After quite a bit of looking around I managed to fix it.

Basically open gconf-editor i.e. press Alt+F2, enter gconf-editor and click on Run.

Run Application

Go to / -> apps -> nautilus -> preferences, select always_use_browser and enable the checkbox as shown below.

Configuration Editor

Now when you open Nautilus you can view the Toolbar, Status bar and the Sidebar with the tree.


2 comments so far

  1. chris on

    thank you. i wouldn’t have found that.

  2. Muhammad Irhsad on

    Thank you very much you solved my problem

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