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Hello world!

With the whole Sun-Oracle merger around the corner, Sun’s Blog policies may get affected as well. So after a good 4-5 years of blogging @, I’ve decided to migrate to WordPress and going forward I’ll be posting my thoughts here 🙂


Abhi’s Weblog Debut!

After much procrastination, I finally decide to write a webblog! 🙂

Well let me give a quick intro about me (before I write a decent aboutme.html!)

I’m a member of the Architecture Solutions Team at Sun Microsystems, India. I’m a huge Java enthusiast and work as a consultant on the Government of India’s eGovernance projects. Besides, architecting solutions I’m also involved in Sun’s Technology Evangelism activities and speak at various seminars.

I intend to discuss various things through my weblog – my work, life, passions etc.

So keep a tab on this blog and happy reading!