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Sun University Days @ Delhi College of Engineering

Sun University Days was held at Delhi College of Engineering yesterday.
This was my second visit to DCE which is situated at the outskirts of Delhi.
I was here in January with Srikanth and Madhu for a technical workshop.
Even that didn’t help me find my way to the place.

This time I was accompanied by Nilesh who had arrived from Bangalore.
He works in the Solaris engineering team and was to speak on Solaris/OpenSolaris.

After asking virtually every passerby for directions and a flat tyre later we managed to reach the sprawling DCE campus.

The event started a bit late and we had around 250+ attendees, mostly students. I had two sessions.
I started off with “Technology Innovations in Java” and talked about some exciting stuff happening in Java.
I also talked about the recent features in Java 6 and some projects that students can work on Java.net.

Nilesh spoke on Solaris features and shared with the audience the activities of Bangalore OpenSolaris User Group (BOSUG).

Later, I spoke on “Java EE 5 – Simplifying Application Development”. The audience really liked the way NetBeans simplifies Java EE application development. They liked the support for JSF, Struts and EJB. Java Persistence API was a new concept for them but they thoroughly enjoyed the demos.

All the sessions were very interactive.
We had some really good questions and of course gave away goodies (T-Shirts, Pens etc.) to students with the best Qs.

I met with the DCE IEEE student branch chairman and members.
They have been instrumental in inviting Sun to DCE campus and intend to continue this healthy relationship.
There are quite a few students who are working as interns with Sun and intend to start a OpenSolaris user group in Delhi.
Its always heartening to see students bubbling with ideas and energy.

I didn’t have a camera, but Nilesh took some photos that I’ll post later.
It was an exciting event but unfortunately I had to leave a bit early to meet a client.

(DCE Audience.. photo courtesy of Nilesh)
DCE Audience