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Enable Nautilus Toolbar, Statusbar and Sidebar with Tree view

I installed CentOS 5.6 and was a bit uncomfortable with the way the file browser Nautilus was behaving – I couldn’t find the Toolbar, Statusbar or the Sidebar/Sidepane with the folder tree that I have gotten used to over the years. Moreover every time I would double-click on a folder it would open it in a new window – my screen was simply getting cluttered. I tried to enable the Sidepane by pressing ‘F9″ but no luck. After quite a bit of looking around I managed to fix it.

Basically open gconf-editor i.e. press Alt+F2, enter gconf-editor and click on Run.

Run Application

Go to / -> apps -> nautilus -> preferences, select always_use_browser and enable the checkbox as shown below.

Configuration Editor

Now when you open Nautilus you can view the Toolbar, Status bar and the Sidebar with the tree.

gnomesu dialog problem

For the last few days, I have been unable to invoke yast by clicking on the launcher icon . I soon realised that it held true for every applet that required root access for execution. Earlier, when I used to click on these launchers, the username/password window/dialog box would appear and if the user entered the correct password, the applet window ( yast2 in this case) would appear.

I’ve been too occupied with work offlate to look into this aberration. I stopped using the launchers and would directly invoke the applet from the terminal:

root@lnx:~ # yast2 &

Today I decided to look into the matter and found out that the cause of the problem was the username/password window/dialog box applet. I did some search online to find out its package name. The dialog applet is gnomesu and is part of the libgnomesu package. I tried invoking gnomesu from the terminal but got the following output:

root@lnx:~ # gnomesu

** (gnomesu:6922): CRITICAL **: No services for libgnomesu are available.

I decided to re-install/update libgnomesu to see if the problem still persists. I invoked yast2 from the command line and updated libgnomesu. Once installed, gnomesu worked fine. Now I’m able to invoke application requiring root access by clicking on the launcher icons.