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Sun Tech Days 2007 @ Delhi and Hyderabad

Last week we had Sun Tech Days at Hyderabad with parallel events in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune. It was an amazing event.. we reached out to 10000+ developers across these cities. The sessions were very informative and we got some great feedback from the attendees.

I had a session in Delhi on Java Persistence APIs: Simplifying Persistence. I had opted for this topic because lot of developers are using persistence frameworks viz. Hibernate, JDO etc. in projects and I wanted to share my views on Java Persistence API vis-a-vis these frameworks.

I developed a small web application that uses Java Persistence API using NetBeans. The attendees loved the Persistence support provided in NetBeans and were very eager to try it out themselves.

There were quite a few questions and I had a nice discussion with few attendees after the session.

Later in the evening I left for Hyderabad, to join my team for the Hands-on-Labs that were scheduled for the next day. The venue was really nice and was packed with lot of excited students. The lab sessions required attendees to carry laptop and we were surprised to see the number of students who turned up. We had to add extra chairs :). A laptop seems to be a must-have for students these days.

I had a good time and look forward to Sun Tech Days 2008!