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Sun University Days @ IIT, Roorkee

I was at IIT Roorkee last week participating in the recently held Sun University Days.
It was great to be back among the students… couldn’t help getting all nostalgic 🙂

Roorkee is a 5 hour road trip from Delhi.
My colleagues – Amol and Aakash had come over from Bangalore and were looking forward to the trip.
We left late in the evening as I was stuck with some work at a client’s place.

Anyway, after a long and tiring ride we reached Roorkee at midnight.
We had been booked in one of the guest houses on the campus.
After a good night’s sleep, we were ready for the next day’s event.

There were 300+ attendees (students/faculty members).

IIT Roorkee Audience

It was heartening to see some of the students from other local institutes and colleges.

I had 2 sessions; I spoke on “Java – Now and Future” and “Open Source and Open Standards”.
Amol talked about Java ME and showed how to develop applications for mobile devices.
Aakash had a session on Solaris/OpenSolaris.

We had also organized a technical contest in the institute and had received a number of good entries viz. Java MP3 player, DTrace examples etc.

Later, we were taken around the campus and were shown the labs.
It was nice to mingle with the students. They had some really interesting questions.
One question that I usually face is – How does Sun intend to make money by open sourcing its software?
After explaining my level best I typically point them to Jonathan’s blog .

We left the campus by afternoon as Amol had a late evening flight to Bangalore from Delhi.
It was a really good experience and I look forward to many such events in the future.