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Sun University Days @ Delhi College of Engineering

Sun University Days was held at Delhi College of Engineering yesterday.
This was my second visit to DCE which is situated at the outskirts of Delhi.
I was here in January with Srikanth and Madhu for a technical workshop.
Even that didn’t help me find my way to the place.

This time I was accompanied by Nilesh who had arrived from Bangalore.
He works in the Solaris engineering team and was to speak on Solaris/OpenSolaris.

After asking virtually every passerby for directions and a flat tyre later we managed to reach the sprawling DCE campus.

The event started a bit late and we had around 250+ attendees, mostly students. I had two sessions.
I started off with “Technology Innovations in Java” and talked about some exciting stuff happening in Java.
I also talked about the recent features in Java 6 and some projects that students can work on

Nilesh spoke on Solaris features and shared with the audience the activities of Bangalore OpenSolaris User Group (BOSUG).

Later, I spoke on “Java EE 5 – Simplifying Application Development”. The audience really liked the way NetBeans simplifies Java EE application development. They liked the support for JSF, Struts and EJB. Java Persistence API was a new concept for them but they thoroughly enjoyed the demos.

All the sessions were very interactive.
We had some really good questions and of course gave away goodies (T-Shirts, Pens etc.) to students with the best Qs.

I met with the DCE IEEE student branch chairman and members.
They have been instrumental in inviting Sun to DCE campus and intend to continue this healthy relationship.
There are quite a few students who are working as interns with Sun and intend to start a OpenSolaris user group in Delhi.
Its always heartening to see students bubbling with ideas and energy.

I didn’t have a camera, but Nilesh took some photos that I’ll post later.
It was an exciting event but unfortunately I had to leave a bit early to meet a client.

(DCE Audience.. photo courtesy of Nilesh)
DCE Audience


Sun University Days @ BMSCE, Bangalore

I just came back from Sun University Days held at BMS College of Engineering (BMSCE), Bangalore and let me just say it rocked!
It was a two-day event and was attended by 150+ members (Students/Academia).
Srikanth was formally invited as the Chief Guest for the event and boy did he rise to the occasion or what.
Believe it or not – He donned a “Business Suit” for the keynote 🙂
(For those who know him would probably demand some sort of proof… please bear with me, I’ll be putting up the pictures soon)

(As promised, here are some pics..)

(Mr Srikanth “Chief Guest” Ramakrishna at the welcome ceremony…)
Chief Guest

Anyways, it wasn’t long before he took it off and was back to being his usual self (strutting Sun apparel..).
He spoke (an understatement.. ) on pretty much everything – Java, C, C++, OS, Processors etc.
It was more of an open house in the end. This guy seems to be moving with a board and a marker pen in his kit these days.


(Implementing a business case using Java EE).
Java EE Explanation 1

(Java EE.. well in its full glory)
Java EE Explanation 2


(Java EE.. well in its full glory… )
Java EE Board

Well his enthusiasm for technology is really contagious and pretty much set the mood for the whole event.

We had promised the audience that they’ll be witnessing (as Srikanth puts it) “Magic” throughout the 2 days and I believe we did keep our word.
We had speakers from various technology teams and the presentations were interspersed with some really cool demos.

Day 1: Java SE, Java EE and various tools.

Srikanth, Myself, Amol and Srinidhi had various sessions.
Mine was the third session and I spoke on Java EE.
Based on my experience from previous interactions with students and developers I made sure that I showed
them plenty of demos based on real-life use cases.
Its always heartening to see the audience putting up questions.. it indicates that they are paying attention 🙂

Day 2: Java ME and Solaris

Amol and Srinidhi spent some good time explaining the whats, whys and hows of Java ME.
They later followed it up by developing a cool game for mobile phones.

Solaris sessions were very informative too. OpenSolaris has been getting lot of attention throughout the world (now with Google playing with it).
Bangalore is one of the places where its very active… after all the LiveCD version (Belenix) was rolled out by bunch of Solaris enthusiasts led by Moinak Ghosh of IEC.
Moinak (another ardent Asterix fan) was also present at the event and interacted actively with the students, answering queries and giving tips.
Madhu gave a really nice overview of Solaris and shared the story of how a local undergrad student has released a USB drive version of Solaris (LiveUSB).
This is a really good example of how events like Sun University Days strike a chord with the developers and ignite their interests.

We wound up the event with an open house session and answered various questions. Later, Srikanth distributed certificates to the attendees.
All in all, it was an exciting and informative event that was loved by speakers and audience alike.
The feedback we received bears ample testimony to it… and so does the picture below.

(A picture is worth a thousand words… )
BMSCE Audience

Anyways, I’m almost through with my entry and have to get ready for a rigorous training session that begins in few minutes. More on that later.

IEEE Gujarat J2EE Workshop

IEEE (Gujarat Chapter) had organised a two-day workshop on J2EE (or Java EE to be more correct) and had invited me to talk about the latest features of Java EE 5. So I decided to talk on EJB 3.0 , Java Persistence API and JSF.

I had never been to Gujarat earlier and was looking forward to the trip. I caught the morning flight from Delhi and was in Ahmedabad within an hour and half. After a 3-hour car ride (that included changing a flat tyre) I managed to reach the venue. I met few other speakers, mostly academicians from various institutions in the state.

After the initial few formalities the workshop was set in motion. Since my session was not until 3 PM, I took my seat and attended few other sessions. It was good to see enthusiastic students diligently penning down notes as the speakers talked about the various Java EE Technologies viz. Servlets, JSP, EJB etc. I soon realised that students as well as teachers in this part of the country still used Notepad/vi to write Java programs and manualy compiled/configured/deployed the applications on Tomcat server.

Later during the lunch I got to speak with few attendees and they all had this impression of Java being a “tough language”. They cited the example of VB and .NET applications that can be quickly created using drag-and-drop approach. I talked about NetBeans and Creator and requested them to be patient till my session, as I would show them drag-and-drop way of developing Java SE, ME and EE applications.

I made some last minute modifications to my slides to accomodate NetBeans and Creator demos and decided to focus on the ease-of-use side of Java EE 5. The presentation went fine. I covered the following areas:


  • Developing Java SE, ME and EE applications with Netbeans. Showed them how EJB 3.0, Persistence and JSF support is present in NetBeans.
  • Developing JSF applications with Creator.

I later distributed few NetBeans CDs among the audience so that they can play with it in the lab sessions.

I got some great feedback from the attendees and they all seem to be hooked to NetBeans. Many of the students want to go ahead and develop their Final year projects using Java and NetBeans.

Later during the evening I went around Ahmedabad doing some sightseeing. All in all it was a nice trip and I look forward to being in Ahmedabad in future too.

Sun Microsystems-NIIT Partnership

Sun Microsystems has tied up with NIIT (India’s leading IT education and training company) for providing Java and Solaris courses that would help students prepare for Sun Certifications. NIIT is currently conducting Java seminars all over India to promote this partnership. I was invited to deliver a talk on “Technology Innovation in Java: 2006 and Beyond” to the students, members of academia, industry and press in two cities.

  • 19th Aug 2006 – Seminar @ Chandigarh,
  • No. of attendees – 300+

    (Audience at Chandigarh… )
    Chandigarh Audience

  • 22th Aug 2006 – Seminar @ Delhi,
  • No. of attendees – 700+

    (Audience at Delhi… )
    Delhi Audience

I took the oppurtunity to showcase Netbeans and Project Looking Glass.

The audience simply loved Netbeans. Less than 20% of the students had tried Netbeans prior to the presentation and were amazed to see the ease with which one can develop applications for Desktop (Swing), Web and Mobile phones.

I developed a midlet client for an existing web application and also showed them how to develop a simple game for mobile phones.

The show-stealer of the day was definitely Project Looking Glass. It got a huge applause from the audience.. for a second I felt like a magician conjuring some tricks on the stage 🙂

All in all it was an exciting experience.

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