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NIIT Java Seminar @ Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad

I’m blogging after a long time.. the past couple of months have been a blur.
I was busy working, traveling and ofcourse talking (mostly technologies 🙂 ).
NIIT had invited me to deliver a talk on Java at Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad, something along the lines of what I did for them earlier in Delhi and Chandigarh..

I touched various topics namely – Java, Open Source and Open Standards, NetBeans etc.

  • 17th Dec 2006 – Java Seminar @ Pune,
  • No. of attendees – 500+

    Photos – Coming soon!

    The event was promoted in a big way using – flyers, banners etc.
    Even the local Radio station was roped in to advertise the event.

  • 18th Dec 2006 – Java Seminar @ Mumbai,
  • No. of attendees – 700+

    Photos – Coming soon!

  • 6th Jan 2007 – Java Seminar @ Hyderabad,
  • No. of attendees – 500+

    Photos – Coming soon!
    I really enjoyed my stay at Hyderabad… had some really nice Biryani 🙂

I also talked about the upcoming Sun Tech Days
to be held in Hyderabad (Feb 21-23) and
Sun Developer Days (1-day) that’ll be held in parallel at Pune, Mumbai and Delhi.